Our first student graduated from high school in Nebraska in 2017. She wrote: “I learned and grew more in 2 years than in a lifetime anywhere else. Meeting good friends from other countries who shared my experience makes me feel I'm not alone. I'm so happy of being able to spend such good moments at NELHS. “

Friends of Vietnam has fourteen partner high schools situated from the West Coast to Mid-America. All our partner schools are certified by the United States Federal Government to accept international students. Please click the “Our Schools” page to see the variety of our schools, their locations, and their activities. 

Friends of Vietnam is a group of U.S. volunteers organized for educational purposes. Our vision is to advance cultural understanding and relations between Vietnamese and Americans. To do this, we assist Vietnamese young people toward enrollment as resident students attending one of our partner high schools. A second thrust of Friends of Vietnam is to offer an on-line course for those who are not able to attend school in America.  

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Friends of Vietnam operates exclusively for charitable purposes. It is an Idaho State non-profit corporation with its office in Boise ID. 

Officers of Friends of Vietnam volunteer their time and will use all gifts to achieve its educational purposes.  

Donations to Friends of Vietnam qualify as charitable gifts under its status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. 

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Friends of Vietnam Assists international Students To Study At United States Schools